Compression and Localized Thermal
Therapy Device

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Therapy Modality

Compression - Device with various wraps for arm, leg, etc. Alternating / Intermittent Compression between 35mmHg and 15mmHg

Localized thermal therapy (hot or cold) for post traumatic and post surgical conditions

Contrast Therapy - Automatically alternates from hot to cold therapy (20 minutes at 49° F and 10 minutes at 105° F repeating continuously). For pain management. Combined with compression to enhance thermal transfer.

Edema - Reduction of edema associated with soft tissue injuries such as burns, postoperative edema, and ligament sprains.

Lymphedema - Treatment of disorders associated with vascular or lymphatic insufficiency such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), venous stasis ulcers, post-mastectomy edema and chronic lymphedema.

Pain - Cold or Heat therapy for pain management.

Precise temperature control
Cold: 43° F to 50° F
Heat: 105° F
Compression Therapy
Alternating compression between 15mm Hg and 35 mm Hg
Solid State Cooling/Heating -- NO ICE required.
Single Use and Premium Wraps for all body parts
Travel Bag
IV pole bracket
» Weight: 15lbs.
» Dimensions: 5.25”Wx 8.75”Hx 14.25”D
» Hose Length: 7ft.
» Hospital Grade Power Cord
» Safety: ULMedical Listing
» FDA 510K
ThermoTek, Inc.
1200 Lakeside Parkway Ste 200
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
FDA Registration #1648700
Texas Department of Health Medical Device Manufacturing License # 0067831

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