About Us

Company Profile

ThermoTek has been a leader in the medical device industry for twenty-five years.  With our innovative designs for precision thermal management solutions, compression therapies and numerous patents on our technology, we continue to push the envelope with new and creative product offerings.

Medical Applications

The new VascuTherm 5 device provides cold (without ice), heat, compression and DVT prevention therapy through a variety of single patient use wraps.  Indications for use include post-operative edema, pain reduction and DVT prevention.  ThermoTek also offers the VascuComp product line of pneumatic compression devices for both lymphedema and DVT prevention including a new small battery powered DVT prevention device, the Evolution.

Thermoelectric Technology

 Thermoelectric heat pumps are solid-state devices that can pump heat with electricity. The technology has been in production since the early 1960s with significant improvements in performance and cost over the years. Thermoelectric coolers offer long-term reliability because they do not operate with moving parts (unlike compressor-based systems).

Power Supply & Temperature Control Technology

 The first priority of the founding engineers of ThermoTek was to develop a low cost, highly efficient power supply design. The outcome of these efforts is our exclusive, greater than 90 percent efficient design with universal power input and variable DC output power. The ThermoTek design includes features like "Power Factor Correction" and "Zero Voltage Compensation" which make for one of the most efficient designs on the market. This efficiency is a major reason why ThermoTek solutions are superior when compared to compressor-based systems.

PhasePlane™ Heat Pipes

PhasePlane™ heat pipes are flat, lightweight and aluminum based. They are now in major computers, X-ray equipment and automotive applications.

ThermalPlane™ Applications

ThermoTek's patent-pending ThermalPlane™ heat exchangers are low profile extrusions that can be used as a heat pipe or in a liquid loop configuration. ThermalPlane™ applications provide an efficient contact medium to the device being cooled at a very low cost.

Liquid Loop Systems

ThermoTek's liquid loop technologies provide ideal cooling for lasers, electro-optic systems, microprocessors, and power amplifier applications. As equipment designs continue to be driven to higher performance in a smaller package, the limitations of air-cooling have been exhausted while the robust nature of liquid loop cooling is able to keep pace with the market demands of consumers and the scientific community.