ArTek Air
The ArTek Air chiller is a compact, forced air chiller that provides safe and effective dermal cooling for pain management during aesthetic treatments using solid state technology.
ArTek Air Solid State Thermoelectric Cooler

The ArTek Air® chiller from ThermoTek is a compact thermoelectric air chiller designed specifically for skin cooling for pain relief from cosmetic procedures.   The ArTek Air® chiller is used to minimize pain and reduce patient discomfort during aesthetic procedures like fillers and injectables.  It requires NO consumables and provides a hose output air temperature between 0°C and -2°C, with four fan speeds selectable from the front panel.

The lightweight and compact design of the ArTek Air® chiller allows it to be extremely mobile both in and out of the office.  And with a weight of only 60 lbs and a significantly smaller overall footprint than competing air chillers, this system will also take up less critical working space in your treatment room.

The included table top with integrated handle can support up to 75 lbs and offers a convenient location to place your accessories.

With all that and more, ThermoTek™ is clearly the superior choice for pain management solutions.  For more information call toll free 1-877-242-3232.

  • “We utilize the ArTek Air chiller in our practice nearly every day to minimize pain levels for our patients.  This is a great device and is extremely effective at minimizing pain and keeping our patients comfortable during their procedure.”

    Mitchel P. Goldman, MD


Air Temperature: 0°C to -2°C
Weight: 59 lbs
Dimensions: 10”W x 25”H x 20.5”D
Hose Length: 6 feet
Warranty: 2 Years
Input Power: Available in 120 VAC/60 Hz or 240 VAC/50 Hz


  • Offers temporary topical analgesic relief
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 14” x 16” Table Top
  • 4 selectable air speeds
  • Removable hose tip for wider air stream
  • No Consumables required
  • Articulating Arm available (optional)



Localized dermal therapy for pain management during and following aesthetic treatments