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A login is required to test and load firmware for non-industrial devices. Please visit the login page for login or registration.

The latest build of TekDoc is 1057. If this build does not match the number in the top right corner of TekDoc, please follow these instructions to clear the Java cache.

Windows 10 Edge browser does not support plugins and cannot be used for TekDoc. Java is a plugin required for TekDoc to communicate with your machine. Internet explorer is still available to Windows 10 users under (Start) >> All apps >> Windows Accessories.

Test Instructions


1.       Must be logged in to test and load firmware for medical devices (login page)

2.       Must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 (IE Will be retired June 15th 2022)

3.       Java must be installed and allowed to run (Test Java Here)

4.       TekDoc Build number in the top right corner of the Java app must match 1057

For VascuTherm 5 please click here (TekDoc does not work with VT5)


Test kits are available for purchase for the following devices:

  • VascuTherm 4/ThermoComp 4 Kit (0P9KTDVAS4)
  • VascuTherm 2/ThermoComp/NanoTherm Kit (0P9KTDVASC)
  • VascuTherm 3 Kit (0P9KTDVAS3)
  • NanoTherm Industrial Kit (0P9KTDL232)
  • NanoTherm 3 Kit (0P9KTDLUSB)
  • VascuComp1/VascuComp1-L/VascuComp3-L Kit (0P9KTDVCLM)
  • VascuComp3-DVT Test Kit (0P9KTDVCDV)
  • VComp iPC Test Kit (0P9KTDPUSB)
  • T255P Test Kit (0P9KTDL232)

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ThermoTek provides this webpage for general information purposes only. The information provided by this webpage is subject to change without notification and should not be used as formal or final documentation. A passing result of the TekDoc test does not validate that the tested device is safe for use or that there are no other possible problems with the device.