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Feel Good, Move Better, Recover Faster

The proven way to treat post surgical pain, edema, and DVT for improved healing and recovery


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Transforming Medical Care with Orthopedic and Recovery Solutions

About Us

Begin Your Journey To Recovery And Wellness With ThermoTek

ThermoTek is a leading manufacturer of innovative thermoelectric solutions for the medical and scientific fields. Founded in 1993, we consistently demonstrated our commitment to advancing the field of thermal management for the medical, scientific, and military sectors through our patented and trade-secret technology, ISO-certified quality standards, and customer-centric approach. With more than 30 years of experience, ThermoTek provides the thermal-management services you require.

Serving the Needs Of Different Industries

Medical Checkup

Help patients recover faster from surgery and injuries using our state-of-the-art medical devices. They are designed to improve patient outcomes and safety, comply with regulatory standards, and meet the needs of post-operative patients in alleviating pain and preventing complications.

Scientific examination

With precise temperatures and innovative solutions, Thermotek's chillers and thermal management solutions are the answer for the scientific, laser, semiconductor, and military industries.


Reduce pain, discomfort, and recovery times with ThermoTek's aesthetic cooling products designed to bring a safer, more effective, and more professional approach during painful cosmetic procedures.

Medical Checkup

What Our Customers Say

Discover how ThermoTek's products have helped our customers across industries

Hello, I am wife, mom, nana, church secretary, Sunday School Teach and a surgery scheduler for an orthopedic surgeon. As you can assume l am always on the go with little to no time to worry about ice packs after surgery. In December 2023, I had a shoulder procedure done and used the shoulder ice machine that Score provided. Matt and Scott brought the device to me day of surgery. They showed me and my husband how to set it up. Once we returned home lwas ableto set up the device by myself one handed. I slept with the wrap on not worrying about condensation from an ice pack because the machine has no ice and automatically shuts on and off every 30 minutes. I returned to work the following week after my procedure and brought the device to work with me. Iwas able to work at my desk while wearing the wrap/sleeve with no issues. Through my position as an orthopaedic surgery scheduler I completely understand why my patients love this device So much and don't want to give it up, I didn't either. During the entire time l had the device Matt or Scott checked on me weekly to see how things were going. Can't say enough good things about the ice machine or the Score Team.


I cannot recommend this product enough! I recently had ACL reconstruction - the ARTEK Pro was a life saver. Post-op I used it constantly - the cold therapy helped so much with the post-surgical pain and I was off my pain meds in 2 days. Also, with limited mobility, having the option of on the spot cold therapy without having to worry about ice resulted in me using the product more often and made my recovery easier. At 6w post-op, I use it daily after PT or a hard work out. Its amazing!!

(47. Patient)

I had an excellent experience with the Vascutherm cooling machine after total knee replacement. It was an amazing help in my quick recovery. I used it mostly at night instead of pain medications, which often have negative side effects. The machine was very easy to use, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve and ease the recovery from this type of surgery.

(77. Patient)

Patient comfort and safety is vital when it comes to any aesthetic procedure, but especially critical for fillers. The ArTek Spot contact cooling system is used routinely in our practice to enhance patient to comfort and decrease side effects such as bruising.

Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhD

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers to your questions so you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Cold and compression therapies help you recover by reducing pain and swelling around your surgery/injury site. Several of our products offer ice-less cooling to help simplify your treatment. See the Patient page for more information on your product and the therapies we offer.

Each ThermoTek product comes with a User Manual that offers helpful instructions and troubleshooting guides - these user manuals can be downloaded on the product pages. For several of our products, we offer helpful videos on our YouTube channel.  If you still need help, you should contact your medical device provider (the company/group from whom you received your product).

You can submit and manage prescriptions through our network of authorized ThermoTek Dealers across the country. Once you have submitted a prescription, the Dealer will take care of coordinating billing, fulfillment, and patient support. Need to find your local ThermoTek Dealer? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction.