Are You at Risk for a Blood Clot?

Did you know that more people die from complications associated with DVT than breast cancer, HIV, and traffic accidents combined!

Orthopedic surgery, including total joint replacement and complex arthroscopic procedures, are known to be the highest risk surgical procedures; causing over 600,000 patients to suffer from DVT complications each year. In fact, in the absence of preventative treatments, 40%-60% of patients will suffer from DVT; and according to the US Surgeon General, resulting in over 100,000 deaths per year!

What Are My Risk Factors?

Developed by Joseph A. Caprini, MD, MS, FACS, RVT, the Caprini Risk Assessment Model is the most widely accepted method for patient DVT risk factor assessment. Click here to download the document and print it, and then bring it to your physician, OR take the simple test below by clicking on your known risk factors, and then discuss the results with your physician.

Your DVT RISK Assessment
Select your risk factors below:


Age 41-60 years
Swollen Legs (current)
Varicose Veins
Obesity (BMI >30)
Minor surgery planned
Sepsis (< 1 month)
Acute myocardial infarction (< 1 month)
Congestive heart failure (< 1 month)
Medical patient currently at bed rest
History of inflammatory bowel disease
History of prior surgery (< 1 month)
Abnormal pulmonary function (COPD)
Serious lung disease including pneumonia (< 1 month)
Leg plaster cast or brace (< 1 month)


Age 60-74 years
Arthroscopic surgery
Central venous access
Major Surgery ( > 60 minutes)
Malignancy (present or previous)
Laparoscopic surgery ( > 60 minutes)
Patient confined to bed ( > 72 hours)
Morbid obesity (BMI > 40)


Age 75 years or older
History of DVT/PE
Family history of thrombosis


Stroke ( < 1 month)
Multiple Trauma ( < 1 month)
Elective major lower extremity arthroplasty
Hip, pelvis or leg fracture (<1 month)
Major surgery lasting over 3 hours
Acute spinal cord injury (paralysis)
Patient Direct - The Power of the VascuTherm Brought Directly to You!

Can’t Locate a ThermoTek Dealer? Try “Patient Direct”!

ThermoTek’s Patient Direct program brings the power of the VascuTherm 4 directly to you!

The VascuTherm 4 therapy system is designed to provide iceless cooling and compression therapy for patients. The VascuTherm may also be used to help decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and reduce swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, post-operative edema, and ligament sprains. The VascuTherm may reduce the need for anticoagulant medications.

Physician Prescribed

ThermoTek works directly with your physician to ensure your VascuTherm system is ready when you need it. Your physician trusts the VascuTherm to deliver clinically therapeutic thermal, compression & DVT prophylactic treatment; to ensure that your surgical recovery and rehabilitation progresses as scheduled.

Insurance Coverage

Our medical billing specialists will contact your Workers’ Compensation carrier to pre-authorize the rental of your VascuTherm. For private insurance, we’ll verify with your insurance carrier to see if the VascuTherm is a covered benefit. We’ll let you know prior to delivery!

How VascuTherm 4 Therapy Works

The VascuTherm combines compression and thermal therapy; connecting to a comfortable, single patient use wrap in one patient friendly system. From the shoulder to the ankle, the VascuTherm system can be easily applied on a variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

The VascuTherm 4 therapy system consists of four components:

  • The VascuTherm 4 Control Unit
  • 5 ft. Umbilical Hose
  • Thermal/Compression Wrap
  • DVT Therapy Wrap

The VascuTherm 4 control unit manages the temperature of the water used by the system to supply cold or heat to the wrap attached to the body. The water is cooled thermoelectrically within the unit (at a temperature prescribed by your physician) and then passed through a therapy wrap; delivering precise and safe thermal therapy.

Patient Training & Education

Once prescribed, we’ll contact you directly to set up an appointment, train you how to use your VascuTherm device and therapy wraps, and then answer any questions that you may have. ThermoTek is committed to thoroughly training and educating our patients on the safe and appropriate use of the VascuTherm 4 patient therapy system.

We’ll come to you; in either the hospital, surgery center, or the convenience of your home.

Contact ThermoTek’s Patient Direct at (866) 977-8326

For information on ThermoTek’s HIPAA privacy policies, Assignment of Benefits, Patient Bill of Rights, and Health Information Disclosure, all of which are used in our Patient Direct program, please contact Patient Direct at (972) 874-4938