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Urgent Assistance

Are you a patient in need of service for your VascuTherm™ or VascuComp™ unit device? We encourage you to contact your local Distributor for immediate support. If you still have any questions concerning the operation of your VascuTherm™ or VascuComp™ unit, please contact us during normal business hours at (972) 874-4949. For after-hours support, our Service Line can be accessed at (214) 502-8800.

ThermoTek TV

ThermoTek has partnered with YouTube to provide our Distributors, physicians and patients with continuing access to a variety of ThermoTek product and consumable videos. Click here to be linked directly to our YouTube Channel!


TekDoc provides ThermoTek Distributors with the ability to test & monitor the performance of their VascuTherm & VascuComp units from the convenience of their own Distribution Center. When connected, TekDoc automatically updates the VascuTherm or VascuComp firmware to ThermoTek’s current revision level. TekDoc then subsequently tests & monitors the device’s thermal and/or compression/DVT performance against ThermoTek’s manufacturing standards; all within just a few minutes! Click here to access TekDoc!

RMA Resources

RMA Resources provides ThermoTek Distributors the ability to monitor their current and prior repair history files; including pending RMA quotes, repair pricing, etc. RMA Resources gives the Distributor access rights to request a new RMA, review issued RMA requests, analyze & sort your repairs by status, and review your repair history. Click here to access RMA Resources!